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Constant contact with a group of hotels

This stylish hotel in the museum district of Groningen offers environmentally conscious accommodation and a trendy interior, decorated with natural elements.
The Asgard Hotel combines the use of ecological materials with the exhibition of modern art to create an unique hotel concept. The hotel is situated in a characteristic building, dating back to 1935 and blending its original, architectural features with contemporary design.

The Asgard Hotel in Groningen has an unique design, personal service and has the perfect location to explore Groningen.
Famous for its vital location on the shore of the Arabian Gulf, Al Khobar is a favoured destination for its beautiful landscapes, lush gardens and picture-perfect parks. Located in the Eastern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this city is where visitors can experience the magic of ancient history as well as the richness of modernity and the beauty of nature. Located roughly 50km away from King Fahd International Airport, Al Khobar promises you a memorable adventure with its gorgeous seafront, countless shopping outlets and breathtaking historical monuments.

Please note: Some attractions may be currently closed due to mobility restrictions